Happy February!

So I missed a week because I got the flu. For all of those who have it or had it, let us all take a moment, group hug, and sympathize with each other. That flu was terrible and not fun, but group hugs are. 🙂

One perfect soup – Vietnamese Pho

Since moving to WA, we’ve become fans of Vietnamese food and especially of pho (pronounced Fu – um, I know). I’m a soup lover anyway and make them at least 2-3 times a week throughout winter, but I don’t make pho at home. Great job if you do, but honestly, I don’t want to. I want it from the Vietnamese restaurant with all their goodies and sauces.

Japanese ramen is also fantastic if you haven’t tried it, which is not even close to the ramen noodle packets I grew up with. But it’s not for sick days. Sick days are pho. Sorry, chicken noodle. Anyone disagree, let’s hear it (and please include recipes so I can gather new soup recipes).

One thing I absolutely loved watching this week – May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers

I cannot express how much I loved this HBO documentary about the Avett Brothers. As a writer, music lover and just as a human, it spoke to my heart and soul. The scene of the brothers creating a song was worth everything. I LOVED this and you will too.


One horrible dinner

My poor children had this awful dinner one night as I tried to just give them something while I made some bone broth and went back to bed. Yes, that is a hot dog (does kosher make it better?) and it is in a hamburger bun. And I threw a bit of smoked salmon to try balancing it out. I think this was also the day I backed into the trash cans and sent trash flying all across the street, then got a speeding ticket trying to get Lily to school for her school skit. Thankfully, Daddy figured out a number of their other dinners, and I don’t think anyone will park the trash cans behind the cars again. However, I see traffic school in my future.

One last picture – Gold in Puget Sound

Just a little hope on my drive home from taking Lily to school. Hope you enjoy, and have a great first week of February!

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