Since late summer, I’ve been blessed with a lot of work. Now that I have a little breather, I decided to post seven things I’m thinking about or working on for myself. Sharing with you now….

1. Triple Coconut Cream Pie – This year, I wanted coconut cream pie instead of cake for my birthday. The hubs and I found Tom Douglas’ restaurants in Seattle offering what sounded and turned out to be a fantastic triple coconut cream pie. We ate it at Etta’s just steps from Pike’s Market. Today, I’m back to healthy eating, but oh, still dreaming.


2. Duolingo – Want to learn a language? This phone app/program is excellent. I’m still working on my French all these years after Miss Davis’ French 1-4 classes in high school. My 18-year-old son and I have started Duolingo’s French lessons with plans (and hopes that we follow through) to practice together. I’m hoping this post will help keep me/us accountable. Today, I am all of 1% fluent in French. That made me laugh (please don’t tell Miss Davis).

3. Water – I need to drink more of it! So I’ve begun setting my phone timer 4X a day to remind me. Interestingly, I do not need a timer to remind me to drink coffee.
4. Abundance Insider Newsletter – want your mind a little blown by emerging technologies and world changes that will excite and terrify and make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi novel and also an old person (I grew up listening to records) all at the same time? You may even impress a few people or yourself by knowing a little about what’s on the horizon.

5. Reading – I’ve been reading a lot of children’s books with a 2 year old and 4 year old in the house. No one is too old for a good children’s book. But it’s time to get back to a big person’s book (suggestions?), but I’m still thinking over All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr which won the Pulitzer last year, and more importantly was a feast of a story that remains with me.

6. 500 Words – People who want to write, start with baby steps. I suggest 500 words a day (preferably before noon) and 5X a week. Make up days you miss over the weekend, or just keep going and don’t look back at days you missed. If 500 words is all you do, you’ll still see progress and pretty fast!

What do you write? Look outside, take a walk, create a character and write his/her history, express a rant, revisit an old story, rewrite a classic, hand write a letter, or look at the world like a child and see what you can find to write about.

7. Thought/Perspective of the Day – If I attempt three new habits/goals (maybe it’s working out, teaching the kids to cook, drinking more water,) and only one becomes part of regular life, have I failed or succeeded?

May you find beauty every day this week, and share it with someone else.



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